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Scrapbooking Ideas & Tips > Organization > No Time to Scrapbook?

No time to scrapbook?

by Susie Cortright

No time to scrapbook? Here are 9 ways you can make more time for scrapbooking:

1. Record your "why." Make a list of all the reasons you love to scrapbook. What does it do for you personally; for your family; for generations to come?. Ask your family and friends, "Why are you glad that I scrapbook?" The answers may surprise you. Scrapbook these answers and hang the finished piece in your scrap space. Seeing the motivation hanging before you will make scrapbooking seem less self-indulgent.

2. Book it. Write in time for scrapbooking on your calendar or on your weekly to-do list. When you schedule specific scrapbooking time, you may be more committed to keeping that time for yourself.

3. Let go. Remember that each page you scrapbook is a reflection of you at this moment, and sometimes that means the layouts have to be simple and quick. It's important to be able to let go of a layout without holding yourself to a certain standard each time. Don't taint the joy of scrapbooking by making it one more thing you have to do.

4. Get inspired. If you feel like you aren't getting enough accomplished or you're feeling burned out, find inspiration in fresh design books or a new magazine subscription. Or slam out some quick pages with a page kit.

5. Fresh products. Subscribe to a monthly auto-ship kit. When you invest in your scrapbooking habit at regular intervals, fresh ideas and inspiration - appropriate for the season, come right to your doorstep. Encourage a few friends to join and- viola - instant club! And you won't spend so much time wandering the aisles of your local scrapbooking store (unless of course you want to) because all of the supplies already coordinate.

6. Organize. Make your supplies and tools easy to get to and to find. Get the organizational system you need to make the best use of your time. Tidy and organize your area as soon as you are finished with a layout or project so it doesn't become daunting to go there the next time.

7. Scrapbook with your family. Scrapbooking itself can create some magical family moments. Even young children can get started with their own creations. I love to watch my children record their memories and create cards for friends.

8. Start (or join) a scrapbook club. Get a few friends together to scrapbook at a regular time each week or month. When we have someone that is waiting to meet us there, we are more inclined to hold the commitment.

9. Make it your business. Become a scrapbooking instructor or consultant. When you move from the spending side of our favorite hobby to the earning side, you may be surprised how much family support you'll get. When scrapbooking is your hobby *and* your job, all of your creations become "demo pages," too - and that is multi-tasking at its finest.

About the author: Susie Cortright is the founder of and Momscape's Scrapbooking Playground - sites devoted to celebrating life with children.

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