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Scrapbooking Ideas & Tips > Themes > How To Make a Scrapbook Calendar

How to Make a Scrapbook Calendar

By Peata Hepi

Making a scrapbook calendar is a great project that you can share with your children. They will also make wonderful presents for friends and family around Christmas time as a new year will be only a few days after.

Traditionally when you think of a yearly calendar the following four types of calendars come to mind:

* Wall hanging calendar
* Pocket sized calendar
* Fridge or magnetic calendar
* Desktop calendar or rolodex

You can purchase any of these items at a small price from your local dollar store and alter them to create a handmade calendar with just a few scrapbook supplies, a photograph, and a little creative energy. You can cover a wall calendar with a scrapbook inspired layout; Turn a small mini album into a pocket calendar; Print a pocket calendar onto your favorite family photo to keep in your wallet or to stick to your fridge.

If you would prefer to make your own calendar from your own scrapbooking and craft supplies, then you can use one the many printable calendar templates, freely available on the internet. Simply search for one that you like, print it directly onto your scrapbook card stock and decorate with photos and embellishments.

However you choose to make your calendar, make sure that you have fun with it. Highlight any special birthday dates and anniversaries. If you are planning to create a page per month then use a holiday or special day as a theme for decorating that page. Valentines Day for February, Christmas for December, and so on.

You will enjoy creating this great project idea that is both functional and beautiful and that will also make a wonderful gift.

Peata has been scrapbooking for several years. She is the author of a Mini album resource site with free printable templates, theme ideas and instructions to make scrapbook mini albums.

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